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This course will help you become a successful blogger as it will expose you to the latest trends in blogging.

Become a Successful Blogger


No matter what your present job is, working online is a proven marvelous opportunity and a magnificent way to enjoy more freedom and greater earnings. If you work online, it means working from anywhere, that you can set your own pace to work at, decide your working hours and that you can determine your salary.


Starting a blog about your hobby, expertise, or business can be a powerful move. You can raise your profile, connect with others, grow your network and most importantly, make money doing it.


Imagine that your work is also something you really enjoy doing. Most people only ever dream about earning a living from doing something they love. While some are using blogging to realize that dream, so why not you?


Aside from the potential of earning an ongoing income, a blog is actually an asset. Blogs can sell for 5, 6, even 7 figures if you choose to sell your blog.


No knowledge or experience is required for this course because you will be following me, step-by-step as we create a blog the right way from the ground up, monetize the blog, promote it using free methods, and finally, build a list of email subscribers so that you can double (or more) your income for the same amount of effort.


This course uses the WordPress blogging platform, which is user-friendly and has all the features and functions you will need.


Throughout the course, we will demonstrate every step in detail with ‘over the shoulder’ lectures. You will also learn how to create posts and which types of post-work best.


You will learn where and how to get content and ideas for your posts. And how to optimize your posts for the search engines – the simple way – and much, much more.


What you will learn


Fundamental of Blogging
Essential Blogging Tools
The Perfect Nitch for Your Personality
How To Write Lead Generating Article
How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog
Best Practise To Make Money From Affiliate Ad
How To Make Money Through Digital Products
How To Get An High Paying Advert on Your Blog
Blogging for Business
Freelance Blogging
+ How to develop a professional blog using WordPress (Practical)


Who should attend


Aspiring Bloggers
Existing Bloggers
Writers, Copywriters, Freelancers
Online Entrepreneurs
Anyone wanting to improve their writing efficiency
Anyone wanting to start a blogging business
Anyone wanting to improve an existing blog
Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to monetize their knowledge online
People who want to build a web-based business they can run from home
Those who want to quit their day job and build a lifestyle business
Authors, artists, photographers, musicians, and creatives that want to share their passion online
Companies that want to build a blog that positions them as thought leaders and create credibility and trust with their prospects and customers


What you will get


How To Create A Blog (Video Tutorial)
The Successful Blogger (E-book)




The Blogging Training Lagos has been moved to Realone Business School where you will learn how to become a successful blogger. The school will teach you all you need to get started and get going with your blogging career most especially how to make money from a new blog, effective ways to drive traffic to your blog plus how to develop a professional blog using WordPress. Click HERE to register for the blogging training Lagos at Realone Business School.




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