The No 1 Marketing Tool Every Business Should Use.

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The No 1 Marketing Tool Every Business Should Use.


There are many marketing tools for business growth, especially when it comes to the digital space.


Someone might recommend email marketing while someone else might recommend blogging and another person would prefer social media marketing. All of these works perfectly but they play different roles and should be used for specific reasons.


A good understanding of how they work will help you invest your marketing budget on the right platform that will move your business to the next level. We do business in stages. As we approach different stages in business so as our marketing campaign should be modified.


It’s advice-able to try different digital marketing methods, identify the method that increases your business sales and focus on such method.


For Instance, email marketing should be used for follow-ups and notification, not to be sent to an audience who doesn’t know about your business. The best practice is for you to build a system that can help you collect email addresses from people who are interested in your business. Sending a follow-up email to such audience is most likely to convert to sales because they already know your business and wouldn’t mind doing business with you.


Find a way to make people submit their email to you since email marketing is supposed to be used for follow-ups and remainder to those who already know about your business. It’s about receiving data from people who at some point showed interest in your business.


Don’t ever buy email addresses for your campaign because the audience might not be interested in your kind of business. If you get someone to extract email for you and send randomly, that might be a waste of time and resources because the audience might not read your email. They don’t know you, so they have every right to be protective especially these days that hackers send links to peoples email to steal their information.


Here is how to get email addresses that will work for your business.


1) You can organize an event, ask visitors to fill an attendance form. Use this method to collect their email address and phone number. Sending an email to such audience is a good investment because they once showed interest in your business, they will appreciate getting an update from you and they are most likely to follow up with your process till you finally convert them into customers.


2) Give a free offer online, you must have come across offers like a free e-book that require you to submit your email for the e-book to be delivered to your mail. That’s perfect practice, the prospects get a free e-book from you while you get their email address in returns. They are most likely to buy your product because you have once helped them with your free e-book. Whenever they need to buy, you will be the first on their mind.


3) Create a blog. A blog is a powerful marketing tool every business should use. Why? because it keeps driving traffic to your business even when you stop writing blog content. A blog has a long time return on investment.


This is how a blog works…


When you write and publish a blog post today, that content might not generate much traffic that same day but as time goes on, your content will rank in search engines and when people search for content that is related to your article, your content will be displayed in the search result like Google.


For instance, you write a blog post about how to make money online, do you have an idea of how many people search for such topic on daily basis? Millions, I must say. Imagine your article finally rank on search engines, that means you get a share from the millions of audience who uses search engines daily.


What happens when you have 10 articles that rank on search engine, what about hundreds of article that ranks? You will never pay for advert again because the demand for your product and service will always exceed your supply. Although, it takes time to get to this stage, not only time but hard work too.


You must be able to write good content or hire someone who writes wonderfully well.


There are factors you should consider when writing a blog post that will rank on search engines.


1) Write a detailed and interesting article that online users will love to read and share.

2) Use a keyword as your title and repeat it within your content but don’t over do it (keywords are topic people are likely to search. For instance, if you are a makeup artist, you can use a topic like Reasons Why women should wear makeup).

3) Add an email subscription form to your website, this allows the online user to submit their email address to receive updates about your product and services.

3) Keep writing, success comes to only those who never quit.


Advantages of a blog


1) It helps you improve your writing skills
2) It helps you increase your knowledge in different fields.
3) It presents you as an industry leader to your audience
4) Your presentation skills will improve
5) A blog makes it easy to connect with social media.
6) You gain popularity and respect from others
7) Blog promote businesses
8) A blog may act as a portfolio
9) Blogging is a good exercise for your mind
10) Blogging may change your attitude towards life
11) Gain more followers in various social media sites
12) Help others


How to drive traffic to your blog


1) Share your content on other blogs and forums
2) Interview influences, influences are people who have large followers on social media. Interview them, publish on your blog and encourage them to share on their platforms. Many of their audience will visit your blog to read such an article and those who like your blog content will visit again.
3) Share on social media and be active in online groups and forum by contributing to what others are discussing.
4) Write on Quora


I hope you find this content helpful? if so, please be a blessing to someone by sharing this article.


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